Broaden the timeframe

Beech Swirl

"Focus your heart", the boy said. I took his weird machine. "Dance, and fix a sliver of spacetime unique as any living thing. Capture the energy!", he winked at me. I set into motion around the tree, aiming to feel it in my soul. There. An image popped out. "You got it!", he laughed.

Trees, their beauty, unique character and presence, ground me, but also move me. By moving myself and the camera and exposing long-term, I capture a very personal sliver of spacetime, distill an essence of colors, mood, and interconnectedness in a dance of light and energy.

These are actual photographs without digital manipulation.

I try to feel a tree or group, its locus in space, and create a spatial focal point by moving the viewpoint. My motion and the focus I create by aiming the camera, is a strong determining factor in these images, and no exposure can be repeated in just the same way. Thus, I have come to learn to accept what is there in the picture, and overcome regret or the wish to fiddle with a detail until it´s perfect.

When I feel myself while feeling the tree, energy flows between the subject and the guy clapping with one hand...

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